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Sent to PMI by a prisoner.

H.H. Dalai Lama

"I am pleased to learn that the Prison Dharma Network is working to support rehabilitation though education within the prison system."


Our mission is to provide prisoners, prison staff and volunteers with effective, evidence-based tools for self-transformation and rehabilitation.



We provide mindfulness-based emotional intelligence (MBEI) training programs as an approach to rehabilitation and personal transformation for incarcerated adults and youth.

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Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.03.07 AMOur Prison Mindfulness & Prison Dharma Network Community includes thousands of individual members, organizations and supporters.

Here you can connect with people from around the work engaged in prison mindfulness and prison dharma and engage in discussion.

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researchwebmedWe have several research initiatives to assess the impact of our Path of Freedom curriculum, which integrates mindfulness practice with cognitive-behavioral training and social emotional learning.

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Path of Freedom

Path of Freedom from Go Project Films on Vimeo.

Prison Dharma Press

We publish books on contemplative prison work.